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Hyst: A Hysterectomy Support Community
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An estimated 1 in 3 women will end up having a hysterectomy in their lifetime.

I had a hysterectomy in January 1999. At my age, it's hard to find people who've had or are having a similar experience. My friends and family, though they try, can't really understand what I'm going through. So, this community was born.

If you had, are having, or might have a hysterectomy, please join. I think we could all use the support. I'd especially like it if this could be a support community for young women, but older women are certainly welcome as well!

(PS. It may seem as if my posts revolve around endometriosis, which is the condition that ultimately led to my having had this procedure. I just want to reiterate that this community is about hysterectomies, for whatever reason you may be having one. My experience is mainly centered around endo, but this in no way means that women having this procedure for other reasons are not welcome. Also, although the reason you're having a hysterectomy is ultimately irrelevant, we'd love it if you share your story. FTM transgendered folks are welcome, as well - just let us know what pronouns you are most comfortable with! This isn't about judgment; we're probably getting enough of that from our friends and families. We're here for support.)

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